The Legal Information System of the Republic of Austria (RIS) is a computer-assisted information system on Austrian law, which is coordinated and operated by the Austrian Federal Chancellery. The RIS starts 1983 when the essential features of the system were designed. After federal legislation had been incorporated, the inclusion of the court decisions was started.

In June 1997, the Federal Chancellery decided to make the RIS, which previously had been accessible only to the public administration, available on the Internet free of charge.

No liability is accepted for the correctness and completeness of the Legal Information System. Only the text of the regulations promulgated in the federal, state or other gazettes (printed version) are relevant apart from the legally binding Austrian Federal Law Gazette, which is electronicly published in the Austrian Legal Information System (since 2004) and the State Law Gazette of Carinthia, Styria, Tyrol and Vienna (since 2014) and of Burgenland, Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Salzburg and Vorarlberg (sinde 2015).

The Austrian Legal Information System is exclusively a documentation of Austrian law. Any further legal advice cannot be given.

The applications are supplemented with a comprehensive collection of links to websites of Austrian federal and regional authorities, the EU and international organizations as well as to other Internet providers of legal data (select „list of links“)

A part of the Legal Information System offers you a selection of important Austrian laws in English translation (select „English“).

Contents of the Legal Information System

Category „Bundesrecht“ (= Federal Law)

Category „Landesrecht“ (= State Law)

Category „Gemeinderecht“ (= Municipal Law)

This database contains the law of some Austrian municipalities.

Category „EU-Recht“ (= Law of the European Union)

There is a link to EUR-Lex where you can find the EU law.

Category „Judikatur“ (= Judicature of the courts)

Category „Erlässe“ (= Decrees)

Gesamtabfrage (= general search)

You can find search terms in all or selected RIS-applications.

Übersicht (= site map)

You can find a list of the RIS content.

For further information of the system, please use the search manuals (in German).

If you have any questions, please contact:
Federal Chancellery of Austria, Vienna